Each Sunday, the NPC Chapel and Sanctuary are decorated with
memorial flower arrangements. 

Memorial Flowers

Anyone who wishes to give flowers to the glory of God and in honor or memory of a loved one, the cost is $50. The donor may request a date for the flowers (Please provide notice several weeks in advance of requested date).

Also, donations to the Memorial Flower Fund for decorating for the Advent Season and Easter are always welcome.  A check payable to NPC may be placed in the Flower Team mailbox in the Mail Room.  Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

Marlene Moffett
Adult and Caring Ministries Admin

The Flower Team

The Flower Team has many members who enjoy working with flowers and decorations.  No previous experience is necessary!  Each Sunday, a member of the Team decorates our Chapel and Sanctuary for worship with memorial flower arrangements. 

For more information, email the Team at FlowersNPC(at)gmail.com.


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