Communion is served:

8:30 am Chapel Service - the first Sunday of every month.

10:00 am Sanctuary Service - the first Sunday of every month.

5:00 pm Chapel Service - every week.


Communion Preparation Team:

The Communion Preparation Team is made up of about 25 volunteers who do all the tasks needed to prepare communion for all four services.  A group comes to church on Saturday morning, prepares the bread and juice, and sets the communion table for the Sacrament of Communion that will be served on Sunday.  Another group refreshes the communion elements between services.  After each service several members clean up.  It is a great privilege to prepare this sacrament, and everyone enjoys the fellowship when working together on these tasks.  This Team is a great example of how many hands working together makes the task fun and easy.  If you are interested in more information about this Team, please call the church office at 203-655-1451.

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